/minecraft sandbox

I "doodle" in minecraft and mcedit. I prefer architecture over complex redstone contraptions.
File names are indicative of the contents of the schematic. I did not make screenshots of my schematics because I'm keeping this database relatively lightweight, and with the entire directory being less than 1mb in size, downloading all of these in one go and checking them out in mcedit isn't that difficult.

Click here for the raw schematic directory.

Admin Building- A generic administrative-looking office building.
Bi level subway station- Two-level, four-track subway station.
Bi level subway tunnel- Two-level, four-track subway tunnel.
Blocky Bahnhof- Two-track, perfectly rectangular rail station.
Botanical Garden- A nice park with walking trails and all sorts of plant life.
Bridge Single Span- Narrow arch bridge. Inspired by Washington DC's Key Bridge.
Bridge Twin Span- Wider arch bridge. Ingeniously made by melding two copies of the above bridge together.
Castle Keep- A castle.
Daegu Tower 1- South Korean high-rise architecture is absolutely fascinating, and this was inspired by a recent trip to Daegu.
Four Track Bi Level Subway Station- Does what it says on the tin.
Garden Modern 1- A nice little garden.
Grand Central Terminal- Large above-ground rail terminal, with observation decks, glasshouse canopy roof and loads of tracks.
Grandma's Cottage- You never visit, but that's OK, the cake I made special for you will still be here even if I die from lonliness.
Hermetic Cathedral- A cathedral with all sorts of Hermetic symbology in it. Huge!
High Rise Apartment- Does what it says on the tin.
House Modern 1-6- If only Frank Lloyd Wright had AutoCAD or Minecraft way back when...
Lighthouse- Does what it says on the tin.
Mansion 1- Down with the bourgeouise! Stop the alienation of labor and seize the means of production!
Meridian Park- Urban park, based off Washington DC's Malcolm X (Meridian Hill) park.
Modern House 1-2- More modern houses.
Novosibirsk Building- I recently purchased a book on the Soviet architecture of Novosibirsk (called The Architecture of Novosibirsk, go figure) and this was based off one of the buildings.
Office Modern 1-2- Modern Office high-rises.
One Level Subway Tunnel- Does what it says on the tin.
One Level Subway Tunnel 2- Does what it says on the tin.
Opera House- A big Opera House, in a mishmash of Federal and Neoclassical styles.
Park Modern 1- Does what it says on the tin.
Skyscraper- Does what it says on the tin.
Subway Station Above Ground 1- Above-ground entrance to a subway station.
Tiny House 1- Does what it says on the tin.
Tower- A tower.
Tower Modern 2- Modernist Tower
Tri level subway tunnel- Does what it says on the tin.
Two level subway tunnel- Does what it says on the tin.